• Distribution

    Artists, sell your music worldwide

    Zimbalam distributes your music on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and the biggest stores, and streaming platforms in the world.

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  • Royalties

    Get 90% of your sales revenue

    Detailed reports and analysis tools allow you to follow your daily sales. We guarantee to be 100% transparent on all your revenue.

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  • Pricing

    $19.99 for a single - $29.99 for an album

    No annual fees, no hidden charges. The pricing is as simple as that. You pay only once, and your music remains online as long as you wish.

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  • Promotion

    Enlarge your fanbase thanks to free promo tools

    Get your music known and recognised thanks to our tools specially thought to answer artists' needs.

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  • Partners

    Zimbalam chooses the best music industry specialist partners to get you the best opportunities all over the year.

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Sell your music online right now and
get 90% of your royalties.

No exclusivity, you keep all your rights.

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